I’m a better manarchist than you!

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Esplorando il web, abbiamo trovato questa geniale cover di “I’m a better anarchist than you” di David Rovics. Manarchist è una parola inglese usata per riferirsi ad anarchici sessisti, maschilisti e misogini in generale, MRA sta per “Men Rights Activist”, cioè coloro  che ci distruggono le gonadi con presunte misandrie (?) e non si sono ancora accorti che il sessismo al contrario non esiste e non può farlo, dal momento che un sistema di oppressione bidirezionale viola le basi della logica perché un’oppressione implica uno squilibrio di potere, e che le “discriminazioni” che subiscono sono tagliate per loro sulla base del ruolo che il patriarcato appioppa loro – e del quale, però, vorrebbero solo vantaggi e privilegi.  Il resto è abbastanza chiaro, perciò alleghiamo il testo e buon ascolto. 😀


I don’t check my privilege
I think that’s fucking gay
I just want to break some windows
While screaming “Fuck the state”
I like to tell racist jokes
And make fun of the queers
I’m not about to stop
Cuz I’ve been doing this for years
I think it’s okay cuz my grandpa was a Jew
I’m a better manarchist than you

I scope out women
Or just their tits and ass
And I think that all oppression
Is limited to class
I’ll mansplain to anyone
Who thinks I may be wrong
Because they all should know
That I knew better all along
All you butthurt women, you just haven’t got a clue
I’m a better manarchist than you

I talk too much at meetings
I always jump the stack
And I shut down other people
Who try to hold me back
All your whining about oppression
I think it is a bore
Because I’ve read Bakhunin
My opinions matter more
I think you’re so divisive with your gendered points of view
I’m a better manarchist than you

I don’t believe in sexism
Except the other way
Cuz I’ve always fought misandry
Since I became an MRA
I fucking hate feminazis
Who want to fuck with us
But I feel so much better
Since I joined Anonymous
I think that matriarchy is a threat to me and you
I’m a better manarchist than you
I’m a better manarchist than you

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Depeche Mode – Master and Servant

Domination’s the name of the game / In bed or in life / They’re both just the same / Except in one you’re fulfilled / At the end of the day. Eh già: perché almeno nel BDSM c’è piacere, e  soprattutto, consenso. Sfido chiunque a trovare un capo che chieda il permesso di comandare a bacchetta (comunque i Depeche Mode da giovani erano proprio bòni).

Ratje – Buttplug in the window

How much is that buttplug in the window? / The one with the waggely tail / How much is that buttplug in the window? / I do hope that plug is for sale / I’m going to my boyfriend’s birthday party / so I need a present today / Can’t wait to see him get his birthday spanking / and watch that tail wiggle and sway…

Rihanna – S&M

Love is great, love is fine / Out the box, outta line / The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more / ‘Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it / Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it / Sticks and stones may break my bones / But chains and whips excite me!

X-ray Spex – Oh Bondage, Up Yours!

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard / but I think, oh bondage up yours! / Bind me tie me / Chain me to the wall / I wanna be a slave / To you all. Poly Styrene, donna di colore in una scena musicale  egemonizzata da maschi bianchi, è la mia eroa a prescindere, ma sentirla cantare di sadomasochismo mi manda in paradiso.

Vice Squad – Latex Love

Latex, latex, latex love / It’s the only way for me / Give me all your rubber love / I’ll never let you free / Give me my skin substitute / And the gas mask too / I need the euphoria / And I want it with you!

Qualche consiglio musicale militante #1

The Casual Terrorist – Michel Foucault is My Favourite Skinhead

The Casual Terrorist vive in quel di Newcastle. Dice che beve troppo latte di soia al cioccolato, che è un artista a tempo perso, che gli piace leggere Foucault e che ama vedere poliziotti bruciacchiati. Qui il link per poter scaricare e/o acquistare canzoni ed album. Altre tracce consigliate: We Are Born For the Sea, This Universe Terrifies Me, Anarchists Make Better Lovers.

7 Seconds – Man Enough To Care 


Il testo parla per sé: All your life they told you, never shed a tear, cuz boys don’t crave affection / Boys ain’t got no fear / But did they ever show you how to shut those feelings on then off again / And now you gotta hide yourself, hide yourself away / Show you care and you might show the world that you’re only gay /Crying is for babies, for boys is it a sin /To be a caring, sharing, loving, human one. Altre tracce consigliate: Not Just Boys’ Fun, Racism Sucks, Young Till I Die.

Laura Jane Grace – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Qualcun@ l’ha conosciuta in passato come Tom Gabel, il front(wo)man degli Against Me. Ora si chiama Laura Jane Grace ed è una meraviglia di donna. Altre tracce consigliate: Black Me Out (ma anche la sua produzione con gli Against Me).

Harum Scarum – Civilization’s Dying

Questa è una cover dei Zero Boys, ma preferisco la versione delle Harum Scarum.
Altre tracce consigliate: CCTV, The Fight Inside of Me, Fear.

L7 – Fast and Frighening


Popping wheelies on her motorbike / Straight girls wish they were dykes / She’ll do anything on a dare / Mom and Daddy’s worst nightmare / Down at the creek smoking pot / She eats the roach so she don’t get caught / Throws her mini off in the halls / Got so much clit she don’t need no balls. Altre tracce consigliate: Pretend We’re Dead, The Masses are Asses, Bad Things.